Hospice Tree Of Lights Is On

The Christmas season is officially underway. The season started Tuesday night on the top of the Chase Bank building in Wichita Falls.
The star on top was on when we lit the tree but it's off now. Hospice of Wichita Falls is raising money with their tree of lights campaign. Just $10 will light a light and if their $175,000 goal is reached that star will be lit again. It's money Hospice needs to keep their level of care where it is today.

Hospice Executive Director Alisa Echols said, "It's very crucial over the last four years we've provided over a million dollars of non-funded care to people who need Hospice services, but don't have Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance. The money that's raised also goes to support our bereavement services such as Building Bridges and Camp Grin Again which are both our children's programs."
If the goal is met, the star will be lit on top of the Chase Bank building on December 17th.