After 40 Years Apart Two Brothers Will Reunite Thanksgiving Day

Thursday will be the Thanksgiving of a lifetime for one Texoma family.  After more than 40 years apart, a long lost brother will return on Thanksgiving day to meet the brother he hasn't seen since he was a child.

Six months ago Jimmy Bryant of Holliday found out he had a younger brother.  He didn't know this because they were adopted when they were young and both were separated.  He credits Facebook for putting his family back together again.

It started with a phone call.

"The phone rings one night, I was sitting in the living room watching the TV and the guy says 'Hey I think I'm your little brother,'" said Jimmy Bryant.

He was shocked to say the least, he even thought the guy was a con-artist.

"What's this guy want?" asked Bryant.  "Does he want money? Not that I got any," said Bryant.

He didn't know the person on the other line was Shaun Ross of Missouri, Jimmy's long lost little brother who he didn't even know existed.  Shaun had spent five years searching for his family and six months ago it paid off.

"I knew I was adopted but I never researched it while my parents were alive, because  they were my parents they raised me, but it's kind of neat to find out where you came from," said Bryant.

They were separated at a young age in a children's home.  Jimmy and his brother Michael were adopted by one family, Shaun by another.  The pair have been talking none stop ever since the phone call, both awaiting their reunion.

"He'll be here in the morning sometime, we'll start there, I'll give him a big hug," he said.

This Thanksgiving he's making room for another person at the dinner table and he'll have a special seat just for him.

That's not the end of this surprising story, Shaun did some research and says there's another brother, a total of four of them.  The three plan on searching for him too.

News Channel 6 will be there for the reunion on Thursday.

Crystal Hall News Channel 6.