Newschannel 6 Heading to Louisville with MSU Soccer, X-Country

The Midwestern State Mens Soccer team is two wins away from the first national title in school history!

Next week the Mustangs will head up to Louisville, KY for the NCAA Division II Final Four, where they will face Rollins College (FL) on Thursday, and Newschannel 6 will be there!

Charlie Bartlett will anchor live coverage from Louisville, with updates on the team, the activities, the fans who follow them out there, and much more!

Tune in Wednesday night for a preview of the Semi-Final game, and then on Thursday for highlights and a live post-game report!

Midwestern State Womens Cross-Country also advanced to the National Finals, which are also in Louisville, and you can tune in Saturday for live coverage as the Mustangs try to bring home a pair of national titles!

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