Families and Airmen Join Together for Thanksgiving Feast

It was 33 years ago when Sheppard Air Force Base and the community partnered up for Operation Thanksgiving.

Families across Texoma adopted airmen and women for the day so they have the chance to celebrate this special holiday.

It was a family feast for the Munoz family, pots and pans cooked the food that would eventually end up on the table and into the mouths of hungry stomachs.

"Eat, eat and eat.  That's what we do.  We eat and talk," said Frances Munoz, she and her siblings fed two airmen for the day.

Like many Thanksgivings before this, Frances and her seven other siblings invite Sheppard airmen in their dining room to enjoy a warm home-cooked meal.  It's a simple way to say thanks.

"We feel we can just say thank you, come to our home, and show them we really care about them," said Munoz.

Jeffrey and Brandon were the lucky pair picked to dine alongside the family.  Jeffrey is from California, Brandon from Missouri, both were very excited when they heard about Sheppard's Operation Thanksgiving.

"I thought it was a great experience to be able to come out and meet the local families and get in touch with the local culture," said Airman Brandon Boothe.

"I thought that's exactly what I want to do, get off base and be able to eat a real meal," said Airman Jeffrey Gregory.

It was a meal that had everything a person could want, turkey, ham, dessert, and Jeffrey and Brandon's favorite, stuffing.

"Home-cooked stuffing is what I'm looking forward too," said Gregory.

"I missed my stuffing because that's my favorite food at Thanksgiving," said Boothe.

The Munoz family will continue with the Operation Thanksgiving tradition.

This year Texoma families served 305 airmen.  If this is something you're interested in doing all you have to do is sign up next November.

Crystal Hall News Channel 6.