Businesses Benefit From Black Friday Sales

Black Friday isn't just about department stores, many other businesses in Texoma are benefiting on the biggest shopping day of the season.

While some spent the day standing in line at department stores others choose to spend their time boycotting Black Friday.

"We are not going out into the shopping world today," says one mom.

Instead thousands choose to stand in a different kind of line, at the movies. Instead of door busters these people want to see blockbusters.

"I'm taking my great grandchildren to see Harry Potter," an excited woman says. While many children beam and exclaim that they will see the Disney movie Tangled.

Yet one family had the best of both worlds. "I went out to the stores and they met me at the movies," one mom says while glancing at her husband a two kids. Her husband smiles and gives a reason why. "Cause I don't go to the stores," he says.

Sometimes, shoppers need to refuel.@

Samuel Mylchreest, a manager at Olive Garden explains. "Obviously, a lot of shoppers are out, they have an opportunity to enjoy some really good deals and then they get really hungry in the afternoon, so we make sure we take care of that need for them."

Many businesses like restaurants and hotels experience a boom on the biggest shopping day of the year.

"We are going to get our nails done, we are going to get our eyebrows waxed, we are getting ready for the holidays," says a mom with 2 daughters.

Another group from Oklahoma who have spent the whole night shopping have a different set of plans for the day, "Sleeping! Eating! And then sleeping!"

Sarah Williams, the store manager at Starbucks has a solution for the potentially drowsy shoppers. "What better way to stay awake than to come get your coffee while you stand in line? Keeps you warm, keeps you awake and you're ready to get your shopping done," she says.

Cole Smith, the general manager at Chili's agrees. "We had a lot of people coming over from the shopping mall over here and coming in with bags and stuff like that- doing some Christmas shopping."

Places like Starbucks and Chili's decided to jump on the Black Friday bandwagon and amend their hours. The Starbucks on Kell has been open since 10 PM on Thanksgiving all to serve shoppers needs while still making a profit.

"We are expected to set a record here at this store for Black Friday sales history today and it's looking like we may make that," says Williams.

"We actually opened up an hour early, we got a lot more bodies staffed up," explains Smith.

And some shoppers who have refueled still know exactly what they want to do.  "We're going back shopping! As soon as we finish eating, we have a whole day to shop!"

Mary Moloney, Newschannel 6