Seeing Green on Black Friday

Before the sun came up, the doors opened at the Target on Kemp at 4 AM. Waiting for them, more than 1000 people in the parking lot. 500 more, keeping warm from the 28 degree air, in their automobiles.

"Its exciting, a fun time seeing that many people interested in coming and shopping in the store... The lines were about the same, but I think we had more people in the parking lot this year than we did last year. We actually opened earlier so I think a lot of people hit us first," said store manager Kerry Beaver.

Beaver started his day at 3 AM, but the early start was well worth it. Within an hour of the doors busting open, the door buster deals were all but sold out. "Electronics, anything electronics. Electronic game systems, televisions, also just electronic toys interactive toys are really flying out the doors today... Most of the tvs are gone, we still have a lot of tvs on sale but the doorbusters went early we have some of the door buster cameras still left some of the toy items as well," said Beaver.

Across the country, Target stores were a popular stop for shoppers. In Buffalo, NY, a woman was briefly trampled as the doors flew open. Here in Texoma, nothing was quite as dramatic. Still, Beaver is left with a good feeling. "It felt really good today, and I think it's a good indicator that were going to have a good holiday season this year," said Beaver.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6