MSU Students Protest Rising Fees

Some Midwestern State University students are exercising their First Amendment right to let their voices be heard.

On Tuesday, students are participating in a peaceful protest in the quad on the MSU campus.

They're calling it the Mustang Promise Rally Protest.

Organizers say the schools is not keeping with 'The Mustang Promise.'

That's a guideline listed on the school's admissions website that says "Our promise is that students at Midwestern State University are guaranteed through 2012 that with the exception of student- initiated fee increases, tuition and fees at MSU will not increase more than five percent in any academic year."

Here's a post from the organizer's Facebook page:

Some of you have heard about the Harvey House and/or some of you are down right disgusted with MSU increasing fees and not reaping the benefits for you and your major's department.

The time has come to finally DO something about it! The Mustang Promise Rally is an event to encourage the university to lower fees, spend wiser when it comes to OUR money and most importantly, put students first in ALL decisions.

The Harvey House and it's $300,000 spending was the tipping point of where donor and our money is really going.

Protest for your department, more scholarships and so forth! Don't complaainnnnn about it! Do something!
About a dozen students are participating in the rally. The group's Facebook page has four members.
Monday Regents voted not to enact a course fee increase they had previously approved until the Fall semester. We took a look at the cost of education in Texoma. You can look at that story here