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'Cyber Monday:' Myth or Fact?

'Cyber Monday', people are calling it the biggest online shopping day of the year. While discounts and free shipping deals are definitely out there, 'Cyber Monday' may just be a promotional gimmick.

You may picture millions of Americans sitting at computers shopping online, and you'd probably be right.  But, some industry analysts say 'Cyber Monday' is more of a marketing push than an actual event.  One local store, Harvest Drug and Gift, looks at it the same way.

"I think it's kind of a philosophy that just leans them toward internet buying between now and Christmas," said Marketing Director Jackie Hoegger.

In fact, ComScore, an internet traffic monitoring company, says the Monday after Thanksgiving has never been the busiest online shopping day of the year; usually it's ranked about 8th.  Hoegger says they don't want to fight all the big corporate offers on Cyber Monday.

"We would rather take a deep breath and let those people work through all those floods of emails that are coming in their email box today, and we'll email them Wednesday," she said.

At Harvest, they usually start doing an e-mail blast starting in December, recommending a Christmas idea of the day.

"Those 4,000 people who ask to be on our email list can respond back to that email and say, 'I like it'.  Can you wrap two up and I'll come by later in the day?" Hoegger said.

That means their busiest online time of the year is actually still coming up -- usually the second or third week of December.

"From December 12th on, the phone rings constantly and it gets real carrey," Hoegger said.

But, big or not, Hoegger says their store definitely reaps the benefits of 'Cyber Monday' later on down the road.

Spencer Blake, Newschannel 6

*To see the study from ComScore, use the link provided.

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