Burglars Target One Neighborhood Twice in Same Week

It should be no surprise that this time of year vehicle burglaries go up.

Crooks looking for purses, gifts, and money will scout out unlocked cars and one particular neighborhood has seen a few of those cases.

Trinidad Drive in southwest Wichita Falls has been hit twice in the last weeK.  Two days, two victims.  We spoke with one who shares her story and how she says she feels it wasn't a random act.

For the second time in a few years Mistie Johnson has been a victim of car burglary.

"Between my debit cards and one of my credit cards there was $700 charged," said Johnson.

It was the morning before Thanksgiving and she was had just got back from the grocery store when she began unloading some of the bags.

"I started cooking as soon as I got home from the grocery store.  I remembered that my purse and case of cokes was still in the car and when I went back out to get it my purse was gone," said Johnson.

Soon after that incident she found she wasn't the only person.  Her neighbor across the street had her purse stolen too, both cases were very similar.  The purse left in the car, the car doors unlocked only for minutes which left her to wonder if their neighborhood is being targeted.

"I think there is somebody looking and watching to be able to take a purse within a couple of minutes of when you exit your car to take groceries in and come back out to get the rest of your groceries, somebody has to be sitting out there watching you," she said.

"I think they are victims of opportunist," said St. Joe Snyder with the Wichita Falls Police Department.

He says this time of year any place can be a target.

"All crimes right around the holiday season, especially thefts and vehicle burglaries they all tend to increase around the holidays," said Snyder.

He has a few simple, though sometimes easy to forget tips to follow.
"You got to remove your valuables from vehicles so you don't make yourself a target and lock your vehicles," he said.

Mistie still feels that it wasn't a random act and wants to find the people who did this to her so she can feel safe again.

"If you can't feel safe at home with your stuff sitting two feet outside your house where do you feel safe?"

Mistie says it's obviously been a hassle in getting the reports together and making all the calls, but one thing she does suggest is to make copies of your credit cards and keep that in a safe place.  You'll need the number to your card when filing some reports and the credit card company will not give the number out, making it difficult for you.

Should this ever happen to you police say the first thing you need to do is call your credit card company and cancel your card and then contact police.

Crystal Hall News Channel 6