Courtroom Blog: Attack at Allred, White Sentenced

Anthony White
Anthony White
White Tries to Hide Face from Newschannel 6 Cameras
White Tries to Hide Face from Newschannel 6 Cameras
White Takes the Stand
White Takes the Stand

Thursday December 2, 2010

Anthony White is sentenced to serve 70 years in prison for attacking a young female guard with a razor blade.

Wednesday December 1, 2010

After 30 minutes of deliberation, the 4 men and 8 women jury determined that Anthony White is guilty of intentionally slicing Correctional Officer Mandy Greenup with a razor blade. "She is permanently disfigured," said Alfred Hernandez, the lead prosecutor.

During the prosecution's closing arguments, the state told the jury that common sense will guide them. Prosecutors also said that Greenup's "mistake was that she was nice to Anthony White. He wanted a cup of coffee...she was all alone...and that's when he attacked her."

"Mandy Greenup was a 19 year old girl, 4 feet 11 inches, was attacked by a guy who is 6 feet 200 pounds," said the prosecutor.

The defense however painted a different picture during their closing arguments.

"There are a lot of troubled people who are locked up. When they cry out for help, they get ignored," says the defense attorney, "Anthony White is a human being, desperate for help."

Defense continued, "Anthony White did not intend for this to happen."

The prosecutors countered saying, "Even if he felt like he was wronged, that doesn't give him the right to slice up a little girl."

The state concluded its argument looking at the jury saying, "You tell all other prisoner that you won't tolerate inmates hurting guards."

At 11:30 am, Anthony White was found guilty of aggravated assault on a public servant.

The punishment phase continued this afternoon at 1 PM.

The prosecutor detailed the many cases against the inmate while in jail, including throwing feces at an officer.

After detailing the 3 previous felony charges of White, the prosecutor called him a "habitual felon."

When the prosecution rested, the defense called the defendant to the stand. The courtroom hears that White was going to school at the prison and he has an education of about an 8th grade level. His IQ has been tested at 111. When White's IQ is read, he smiles and said, "They took 4 points away from me."

As he answers, White places his broken glasses on his face.

Anthony White spent most of the afternoon talking about an elaborate conspiracy theory as the reason behind his attack.

The inmate testified how he thought he was being tracked by a satellite that keeps watch over every move. He said that Allred inmates are constantly poisoned by tainted food and there are computer chips surgically implanted into certain inmates but that "certain inmates are affiliated with the government."

He told the jury that he had to do something - anything - to get the word out about the government's actions.

White even wrote thousands of letters, threatening bomb attacks in Houston and attacks on the Governor's life just to get his voice heard. When the FBI didn't listen to him, he says that he knew he needed to "get blood" and planned an attack on a corrections official.

Through slow and deliberate speech, white said that he didn't originally want to harm the victim...who was 19 at the time. "I didn't want a woman, I wanted a man." He said he attacked Greenup because  because time was running out.

"I told them I wanted a hostage, " he said.

White also detailed that he wanted to represent himself, to describe the many conspiracies. However the Judge didn't let him. "These people think I'm crazy, but I speak the truth," he said, pointing to the Jury.

The defenses next witness was a clinical forensic psychologist, Dr. Leon Morris,  who spent nearly 5 hours examining White. The doctor testified that White had a thick stack of papers filled with sheets of carbon paper with toothpaste between the sheets. The Doctor claims White used the object as a shield to protect against the deadly "Mason" rays.

The doctor said that during the evaluation, he frequently had to redirect the inmates attention, but his actions now are "remarkably consistent" with his story now.

At one point, the defense questioned the doctor, "Do you think he was trying to pull one over on you?" The doctor replied, "Not at all."

Dr. Morris diagnosed Anthony White with chronic paranoid schizophrenia, a disorder that makes delusions of conspiracy seem real to the inmate.

The psychologist explained that White also has a personality disorder. He is "chronically angry, egocentric person. Has an exaggerated self opinion but insufficient self control and frustration tolerance."

Listening to the doctor, White shakes his head and grunts.

The psychologist also testified that through intense treatment, White, and prison officials, would be safer.

Under the prosecution's questions, Dr. Morris called white "very dangerous."

Sentencing is set to begin at 8:30 am on Thursday.

Tuesday November 30, 2010

Tuesday, the Prosecution presented it's case in an alleged attack at the Allred prison. 42 year old inmate Anthony White is accused of cutting a female Correctional Officer with a razor blade.

While in the 89th District Court, Alfred Hernandez, the lead prosecutor for the state presented the injuries of Mandy Greenup, the correctional officer. The state called the shift supervisor at Allred to the stand, who described Greenup's injuries as "serious." He explained that Greenup's face was attacked and that she looked like "her face was filleted."

However under the defense's questioning, the shift supervisor said that Greenup was able to walk with assistance after the attack, and that she was aware of her surroundings.

White's court appointed defense attorney is Kenneth Nash.

The prosecutor asked the shift supervisor about how White could have possibly gotten a razor blade. He explained that all Allred inmates are issued razors to shave. Some take the razor, snap off the handle, and extract the 2 blades. The supervisor stated that many inmates use the blade to cut paper with and that it is "not uncommon." Now, inmates only have one blade to shave with.

After the lunch recess, the prosecution called the alleged victim, Mandy Greenup to the stand. While the state played video surveillance, the 4 foot 11 inch woman, who was 19 when the alleged incident occurred, described her version of the events that took place over 5 years ago behind the walls at Allred.

She said she thought that she was going to die when Anthony White put a razor blade to her throat. At one point, Greenup stepped off the stand to show the jury the scars that will forever disfigure her.

After the prosecution rested, the defendant, took the stand. White said that he didn't mean to hurt Greenup but that he had too so he can get his voice heard. He said that Allred is part of an elaborate conspiracy theory, in which the government puts computer chips in the food of the inmates to spy on them. His attorneys struggled not to laugh.

White also looked toward the jury and said, "Convict me, I don't care, as long as you know the truth."

After about 5 minutes of constant testimony, Judge Price cut White off and directed his attorneys to control him.

When the defense finished its questioning the prosecution didn't cross examine. White seemed upset at this and said, "Please ask me some questions." He was quickly told to get off the stand.

White is charged with aggravated assault on a public servant with a deadly weapon. He is also charged with having a deadly weapon in a penal institution.

According to court documents pulled by Newschannel 6, White has a history of run ins with the law. He was convicted of felony cocaine possession, felony forgery, and felony burglary of a motor vehicle.

The case against White continues Wednesday at 9 am

Mary Moloney, Newschannel 6