Student Protestors Get Questions Answered

Right now, a group of students at Midwestern State University have some answers to questions they raised to the School President Dr. Jesse Rogers. The group was upset about a rise in course fees. They took to the campus Tuesday to have their voice heard during a rally/protest.

The hike was supposed to hit in the Spring, but Monday Board of Regents postponed the fee increase until the next fall semester.

"Fees are supposed to go up next semester and I heard that yesterday (Rogers) postponed it until next Fall, so everything is goin up at once," said rally organizer Jalessa Bealom.

Dr. Rogers came out to talk to the students face-to-face. The meeting lasted about 20 minutes and ended with a group photo at the students' request, and handshakes all around.

"I probably feel better than they do that I had a chance to say some things I wanted to say so it really, I think turned out well I got the sense that they did get some of their questions answered and also I think their questions were quite legitimate too," said Rogers.

Rogers says there was really no need for the students to stage a rally just to get his attention. He said his door is always open to meet with students, however the group did not ask to meet with him before the protest.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6