Text and Donate to Red Cross

This holiday season the Red Cross is unveiling a new way to give.  For the month of December with the simple touch of a few keys you can donate through text messages.

The technology was first used during the Haiti quake.  Because it was so successful they're implementing it on a local level.  The Red Cross is calling it a holiday gift at your fingertips.

It's simple and easy.

"It's 90999 and you text the word gift in all capital letters," said Wichita Falls Red Cross Executive Director, Katrina Farmer.

A few thumb clicks later you've just donated $25 to your local Red Cross.

"The money goes to support the organization.  We can't wait until a disaster strikes to get ready for a disaster," said Farmer.

Once you text the word gift to the number you'll find the $25 added on to your next phone bill and the money goes straight to your local shelter the one that's nearest your area code to help with disaster relief.

"It's easier for the people and it's also a win win for everybody," said Sarah Shelton.

"The fact that it shows up on your phone bill makes it even more convenient," said Richard Muse.

This is the first time the Red Cross in Wichita Falls will personally benefit from this technology, but it might not be the last

"Say we had a big wildfire and we were in need of funds, they would put out the message
that if you text wildfire, it will be designated so that money will go directly to that area of need," said Farmer.

As you look for new ways to give this Christmas season remember you don't always have to pull out your old checkbook.

The red cross also has a 2010 Holiday Giving Catalog.  In the catalog you can personally pick and choose where you want your money to go.  For instance you can donate $20 and ask that it go toward a phone card for a solider away from home.  You can find it on their site by clicking here.

The number is 90999 and you text GIFT.  The program lasts through the month of December.  People who make a $25 text donation will also be able to download a badge for their Facebook pages if they want too.