Young Co. Meth Bust A Year In The Making

Law Enforcement is on the hunt for a suspect indicted on meth-related charges. The Department of Public Safety arrested 11 people and are looking for another as part of an ongoing investigation into a meth ring in Young County. Senior Trooper Tony Fulton says the investigation is still open and Troopers are still looking for more people who could possibly be involved.

The investigation has been going on for a year. The case is detailed in a 17-page indictment. Troopers say the bust took a big bite out of the Crystal Meth Comeback.

The indictment says Sudie Adella Carter conspired with several other people to run a meth lab out of a house in Onley. Law Enforcement got wind of the possible operation almost a year ago. "It started in December 2009. Our Criminal Investigations Division received some information on possible methanphetamine manufacturing," said Fulton.

Investigators staked out the comings and goings of the house and even went through the trash to gather evidence. The indictment says this woman Elycia Reddin Whitsit purchased lithum batteries and pseudoepehdrine tablets - both ingredients used to make meth.

The indictment says Tracy Dirk Wade was part of the cooking process. Randall Conner Wade is said in the indictment to have helped facilitate the smurfing process; Sending people pharmacy to pharmacy to buy the legal limit of pseudophedrine at each place.

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Investigators found a GPS with addresses of two dozen pharmacies programmed in. The law requires the purchaser to show and ID and sign for the purchase -  creating a paper trail; Something that helped investigators track the operation.

"They obtained records through pseudoehedrine logs at local pharmacies here and DFW and Abilene and through those logs of pseudoephedrine purchases, they were able to link other people into this that's where they got the co-conspirators and created the Organized Criminal Activity (charges)," said Fulton.

The indictment states the 4 lived at the home and were in possession of more than $1900 and 1800 grams of liquid meth. "Its a very nasty drug, it causes lots of problems for our community and we don't want it in the community," Fulton said.

Right now, there are 11 people behind bars across Texoma. Newschannel 6 was able to get the mug shots of the 4 in the story who are each in the Young County Jail.

Trooper Fulton says more arrests could come in the investigation. We will continue to follow any developments and bring them to you as they happen.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6