Energy Efficient Appliance Rebates In Texas To Start Again

Soon the state of Texas will give you another opportunity to earn some green by 'going green' with the return of a rebate program that can help protect the environment.

You might remember back in April when Texas offered rebates to those who bought energy efficient appliances.  The process was a headache for some people.

"Consumers looked to us.  It has nothing to do with the retailers.  It's between the consumer and the state of Texas," said local appliance store manager Steve Fairchild.

The state didn't end up using all $23 million set aside for the program.  Starting the 20th of December, Texans have the opportunity to grab some of that left over money.  But the process will be different.

"It really is a first-come-first-serve basis.  Consumers have to get their paperwork in on time and really watch that," Fairchild said.

Some appliances include freezers, washers, dishwashers, and water heaters, just to name a few.  The bigger items can get you up to a thousand bucks back from the state.  The rebate program only applies to energy star appliances.  Those are appliances with a government seal of approval that says they help you save money and protect the environment.  This time, consumers can buy the energy star appliance and mail in their rebate forms.  An online counter will let you know how much rebate money is still available.  But remember, you have to get rid of an old appliance to get the money.

"They actually have to replace.  A new home construction, if it's a first-time purchase, they do not qualify," Fairchild said.

He says aside from reducing greenhouse gas emissions, these efficient appliances will make a noticeable difference on your wallet each month.

"The main thing is on their electric bill.  They're gonna have substantial savings on their electric bill -- anywhere from 7 to 12%.

He says the first go-round of the program was a major boost for their sales, and they hope the same thing will happen this month.

Again, that rebate program will start on the 20th.  You can also get additional $75 if you take your old appliance in to be recycled.

For more details about the program, check out the link provided.

Spencer Blake, Newschannel 6