Attack at Allred: Female Guard Talks to Newschannel 6

Anthony White is sentenced to serve 70 years in prison for attacking a young female guard with a razor blade.

When his sentence was read, Anthony White simply smiled at the jury and said softly "thank you, appreciate it."

As White was lead out of the courtroom in shackles, the victim's family cheered and clapped,saying the attack at Allred is finally over.

While most felt that justice was served, some thought the 70 year sentence was too light.

"I wanted the same thing done to him or worse at what he had done to my daughter, " says Sheila Mills, the victim's mother, "I mean, after all, she's my only child. I don't have any more. So he tried to literally kill her, so I feel like he deserves the same."

Alfred Hernandez, with the special prison prosecution unit says he is happy with the sentence. "I think 70 years is a message that most people will have to pay attention to. And I hope the message gets through."

Mandy Greenup, the victim, agrees. "If an offender is thinking about doing something like this, I hope it makes them think twice because even though someone says they don't have anything to lose, they always have something to lose," she says.

After the sentence was read, Greenup approached Anthony White, for the first time since the attack on September 21, 2005.

"I wanted him to look me in the face, for the first time ever and to know that he did the wrong thing," Greenup explained.

"I was doing my job, it was a normal day, normal routines. Offenders were being good, no problems," says Greenup.

"She had just turned 19-years-old," Mills says, "Mandy at that time looked like a little 13-year-old. There's teenagers bigger than her."

Greenup continues. "Anthony White came in from work, acting normal, asked for a cup of coffee, sit in the day room -normal- let him in his house, came back around and I had got assaulted in the blink of an eye."

She said he took a razor blade and held it to her throat. "At first it was a shock, and it took me a few seconds to really realize what was going on. After that, I went to fight or flight motion, " says Greenup.

Greenup struggled to defend herself against the nearly 6 foot tall inmate, but her 4'11" frame couldn't stop him and she was taken into White's cell.