Commissioners Eye Plan that Could Impact Job Market

Monday morning County Commissioners will be asked to approve something that could impact the job market.

Wichita County Commissioners are looking at becoming what is called a Veteran Friendly Employer.  It means that county elected officials and department heads would attempt to interview more veterans for job openings and give preference to hiring them.

"The people who have served in the military forces have given something extra to our country," said Wichita County Judge, Woody Gossom.

The county wants to give something in return, in the form of a job.

"No matter what we're always going to hire the best qualified person, but if it comes down that it's even then we would hopefully give preference to the veteran," said Gossom.

If the county should become a veteran friendly employer commissioners would then ask county elected officials and department heads to sign an agreement; so when a position opens up they would attempt to have 20 percent of all applicant interviews be veterans and give preference to hiring them

"I think it's wonderful," said Greta Limon.  "I think the more that we can do to show our veterans how much we appreciate them and love them, because we only have freedom because of them."

"They recognize the handicap.  They recognize the disabled.  Why not recognize the vet?" said Larry Landon.

Judge Gossom says it's an attempt to recognize veterans for what they've done for our country.

"I just hope this program achieves the opportunity to employ our returning veterans and that we try to give part of what they have given for our freedom," Gossom said.

If passed it would take effect at the start of the new year, so 2011 could be a new beginning for veteran job seekers.

Gossom says private businesses are welcome to participate as well.  It will be discussed during Monday mornings 9 AM commissioners meeting.

If it's passed commissioners would stop by department offices every week and have them sign the agreement.