Military Chaplains Speak Out Against 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

Former military chaplains are raising concerns about repealing 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell.'

A Pentagon report found repealing the controversial policy would have little lasting impact on the military.

But some chaplains have different views on how it would affect the religious parts of the military.

One of dozens of retired chaplains wrote the Obama administration expressing his concerns.

"I fear and many others fear that down the road, knowing the other agenda items that are on the plate of those who are promoting a homosexual lifestyle,  down the road would be a concern that chaplains would be restricted from proclaiming their faith tenets," U.S. retired Army Chaplain Douglas Lee said.

But, other military chaplains say it's just the opposite, saying the bigger issue of the debate is discrimination.

Despite differing opinions, a change in policy would have little impact on the Chaplain Corps, according to the report.

Only three out of about 145 chaplains who participated suggested they would quit or leave if the law was changed.