Texoma's Severe Fire Concerns

Archer County Commissioners will consider a burn ban at their next meeting on December 13th because of severe wildfire concerns.

Emergency management officials tell Newschannel 6 all Texoma counties are at risk for a serious blaze due to the cold, dry weather.

Firefighters like Captain John Strenski, with the Bowman Volunteer Fire Department, say homeowners should look for dry or dead vegetation, a little bit of winds, and a warm day.

"Everything right now is dying off because of the frost we're having," he says. "Everything being so dry, the moisture levels and the fuel load is really really low, so we are looking at things being pretty good for some pretty serious fire danger coming up."

The Captain explains the prime time for wildfires is during the heat of the day, especially in an area that is windy, has dry grass, and low moisture content. those conditions can make a field like this, go up in flames. "We're reaching a critical point, there is a point of no return and we're starting to rapidly reach that," Strenski says.

With these dangerous conditions, practically anything can start a blaze.

"Something that a lot of people don't think about is actually maintaining the tires on your vehicles. A blown out tire can cause a grass fire a mile down the road. If you are creating sparks, the winds that can cause a lot of problems," he says.

Most importantly is being alert and aware.

"Just take a look outside, just take a look around your property. If you're walking around your lawn and you are afraid that walking across your lawn is going to start it on fire because of the friction of your shoes, that's a definite possibility that you have an issue there."

Captain Strenski feels that everyone should check a daily fire forecast, just like you are checking the weather. GET YOUR FIRE FORECAST

To be alerted to a wildfire in progress or any other emergency, register for a free text message service Code Red. Just contact your county emergency management office during normal business hours for the information.

Mary Moloney, Newschannel 6.