People Choosing Pawn Shops over Retailers This Holiday Season

The holiday season is here and shoppers are always looking for the best bargain.  So why not try a pawn shop?

Many people have made their way to one over the past few weeks looking to snag a deal.

Last weekend was the first weekend of December and both of the pawn shops I visited say business was good and they anticipate it will continue through Christmas.

For 30 years Walter Hardin has scouted out pawn shops for the best deals.
"Something that would cost me $4,000 in a jewelry store, I could buy it here for less than
$2,000," said Hardin.

You can always find him peering through the glass at City Jewelry & Loan, taking a look at their jewelry and with Christmas around the corner he's on his way to making more purchases.

"I bought a lot of jewelry for my daughter and for my wife," said Hardin.

He's not alone, shops we visited say during the holidays more people are out and about choosing a pawn shop over a retailer.

"You can find different types of items and they're also looking for value for their money," said Michael Morrison, owner of Cash N More Pawn & Jewelry.

"Say you go out there and spend $1,000 at a jewelry store, you can get the same thing at a pawn shop for $200 to $300," said Bing Miller, owner of City Jewelry & Loan.

The biggest items this year are guns and electronics, all selling for significantly less than
what you would find brand new.  As far as people pawning more items and getting money in return both shops have different answers.

"Probably 20 to 25 percent more during December," said Miller with City Jewelry.

"We don't do as many types of loans this type of year, people are more in the buying mode," said Morrison with Cash N More.

They do agree on one thing, more people are buying and not just looking.

If you need money fast, you can pawn your good, working merchandise for a loan.  This means you give the shop your item and you receive a loan for the amount they give you.  You have a certain amount of time to pay it off before it become entirely theirs.

Pawn shops are usually closed on Sunday and during the week they close around 6 o'clock so you have to get there early.