Archer County Jail Certified by the State

Archer County can start taking steps to house inmates in its brand new jail. The Texas Commission of Jail Standards examined the facility Tuesday.

Chief Deputy Jack Curd with the Archer Sheriff's Office was at the modern facility during the nearly 3 hour certification process.

"The Jail Commission comes in to all new facilities to give it the initial green light to be able to house inmates and that's what happened today," the Chief Deputy explained. "They checked smoke evacuation systems, life safety systems, all the electronics, door openings, locks. Just making sure that the building was built to the design that they approved."

Not only is Archer County attempting to beef up it's jail, but emergency operations will also benefit from the new facility. The Emergency Operations Center will be housed in the modern jail.

"We're trying to get Archer County built up on the map and up of their skills and technologies," says Kelly DeSautel, the Archer County Emergency Management Coordinator.

VHF, UHF, and private radios, a smart board, and multiple communication devices will give Archer the ability to talk to anyone willing to help out in an emergency.

"Basically anyone within the state of Texas will be able to communicate with if they come done and help us," elaborates DeSautel.

Not only will the center provide communications with first responders, citizens of Archer will be notified as well.

"It will help the county in several different ways. We'll be able to notify a lot of the county population through this room with all the advances we've put in this room .We'll be able to communicate with a lot more of our countering counterparts the ability to communicate on their frequency. It's just going to bring a lot of people together at one time. Which the old saying goes, more heads, the bigger job you get done," DeSautel says with a smile.

The Emergency Operations Center cost roughly $950,000 to build. All the money was provided through Homeland Security Grants. No county or tax payer money was needed to fund the new center.

Archer county has a notification program, in case of an emergency. The program called "24-7" is free to all residents. To sign-up, click on the link below.

Mary Moloney, Newschannel 6