Wind Power on the Horizon in Seymour

A green-energy company in Seymour is on the verge of having a completely self-powered facility. Crews at Kenning Global Energy Technologies are installing the company's own wind turbines at their new facility.

The innovative new funnel wheels are the design of company founder and engineer Dr. Leon Fan. According to Fan, their wind generators are highly efficient (six times that of traditional wind mills), ultra quiet, safe for wildlife and people and require little maintenance.

When installed, the facility will not only be fully powered by four units, the turbines will generate enough electricity to put power back into the local grid.

The company plans to manufacture the wind turbines at the Seymour facility which means more jobs in Baylor County. Dan originally estimated he would need to hire between 45 and 60 people. But, that number could be going up.

The company plans to ramp up manufacturing and hiring early next year.

Tim Barnosky, Newschannel 6.