High School 'Campaigns' Draw Students

Right now high schools in Wichita Falls are doing everything they can to lure upcoming freshmen to walk their halls.  In Wichita Falls, students get to choose which of the three high schools they want to attend.

Along some major streets in the falls, the message "Choose WFHS" blares down from billboards.

It's time for 'Choice,' the point when eighth graders get a taste of each school to decide which one they want to attend.  in the case of old high, the parents donated time and money for the signs.

They kind of took the reigns of this project and went out and did some advertising for us," said Assistant Principal Debbie Dipprey.

Meanwhile, Hirschi is getting their message into students' homes.

"We send mail-out to all of the 8th graders, inviting them to our night-time tour," said IB Diploma Coordinator Linda Fain.

They say personal contact is a great promotional method for their International Baccalaureate Program.

"The best way to do that is to get on the phone, and send things directly to those homes," Fain said.

Just last night, the Raiders hosted their night-time tour for prospective students.  But letting the students see the school isn't the only way they reach out, either.

"We have some efforts that we make by putting information on our website, as well as giving information to the students that are here currently," said Rider Assistant Principal Judy McDonald.

Because rider has a very limited budget for promotion, the school got help from student-made presentations during the tour.

But don't think the three campuses are turning the plight for students into a rivalry; they all keep things friendly.

"We are all on the same mission," Dipprey said.

"It's definitely not heated.  There is no animosity," Fain said.

With all the different recruiting strategies, everyone hopes to tell students why they need to pick their school.

"It's the best, of course!" Fain said.

"The record of success that we've had at Rider speaks loudly," McDonald said.

"We love our kids.  We take care of our kids," Dipprey said.

WFISD will be mailing out the 'choice' cards to 8th graders on January 3rd.  Students and parents will then have 30 days to make their official decisions and send them to the Student Assignment Office.

Spencer Blake, Newschannel 6