K2 Variations: Are They Banned, Too?

Over the last several months, we've told you about K2.  Five Texoma cities have already banned the substance.  But the fake marijuana may not stop there.

"I've heard of it. I know it's around. I don't think its really a good thing."

That's what one person in Electra told Newschannel 6 back when K2 was banned in September.  Mayor Tom DeLizio, who is also a doctor, says there was good reason to ban the sale of the substance in town.

"The overall idea was that these chemicals are dangerous and that we wanted to try to be proactive and prevent these chemicals from coming to our city," he said.

But K2 is just one of several synthetic marijuanas listed on the internet.  There seems to be such thing as K3, K4 -- and all the way up to K7.  That wasn't a huge surprise to Electra's Mayor.

"When we passed this K2 ordinance, I did expect that there probably would be other types of similar substances that may or may not be covered by this ordinance," he said.

And that is the question -- Would K3 be covered by the ordinances already in place in towns like Electra?  Because the ordinance lists specific nicknames for K2 and several of its specific chemical ingredients, it's  possible all bases are already covered.

"Then the slang name or the street name, K2, K3, K4 -- if these chemicals were in those substances, they would be banned," DeLizio said.

He says the large number of K2 relatives is a sign that the state should take a good look at the issue to see if it's use and possession should be outlawed.  But legal or not, this doctor says they're dangerous.

"Whether it's K3, K4, if they're synthetic marijuana substances, they have intoxicating effects, it can cause medical problems," DeLizio said.

He hasn't seen k3 popping up in town at all.  He did say, though, that if K3 or any other substance becomes a problem and it isn't already covered by the current ordinance, the city would likely update the ban to include it.

Spencer Blake, Newschannel 6