Salvia Sales Surge After Cyrus Video

A dangerous legal drug is getting some major buzz and causing new concerns for Texoma leaders. Teen starlet Miley Cyrus was caught on tape using Salvia, a potent herb that can cause seizures and even death.

Many are divided, with some parents of young children and tweens saying they will boycott Miley Cyrus products. however, some say that the girl did nothing wrong, especially since Salvia is legal.

"Honestly she's what, 18 now? It's legal, she wants to try new things...hey! Go ahead! As long as you are not hurting anyone," says Brittany, a young Wichita Falls resident.

Tyler Gann of Wichita Falls disagrees. "I don't think it's very wise, especially since she knows all these little girls look up to her. especially around the Christmas season, they are all looking for Miley Cyrus presents."

Although most products feature her mug on Disney products, Miley Cyrus is not Hannah Montana anymore. The teen starlet caught on tape and according to reps -- she's smoking the legal drug Salvia. The psycho-active herb can cause hallucinations, violent reactions, and even death.

"The effects of the drug can last between 5 minutes and 30 minutes. It gives a caution actually on the package not to administer it by yourself. There's a warning people become violent and actually become hostile," Wichita Falls Dare Officer Danette Sheehan says, "It can cause death and just like with any drugs and what we teach as schools. When you ingest something into your body, you are taking a chance with something that can cause death and it can be the first time."

With the former tween idol publicizing such a drug, nation wide sales have skyrocketed. California stores have reportedly seen a triple increase in sales.

Due to the side effects, several states have outlawed it, but in Wichita Falls, it's still legal. Specialty store The High Flyer sells the substance to those who are 18 and up.

One resident says the drug doesn't bother him. "I don't have a problem with it, just so long that adults are using it as adults. I don't think kids should use it, obviously."

Police warn that kids may be more interested in Salvia, simply because Miley did it.

"Probably now, because of what's going on, I'm sure it's going to bring some questions to parents and kids," says Officer Sheehan, "Parents should be aware that this stuff is out there and they need to keep an eye on their kids."

Several Texoma communities have banned the sale of Salvia inside the city limits, including Graham and Nocona. The ban may extend statewide. Representatives are preparing a ban in Texas to outlaw salvia and the synthetic herb k2. Legislation is expected to be submitted when session begins in January.

Mary Moloney, Newschannel 6