Man Accused Of Stealing Credit Cards

A man accused of stealing a computer, ends up landing his friend behind bars, by mistake.

Here's what police say happened.

A theft victim told MSU officers his personal items were stolen from his dorm last Wednesday.

The victim says he checked on one of his credit cards and saw it had been used at Walgreens on Kemp.

He then checked on another credit card and saw it had been used at a liquor store on Kemp.

Then the next day, in a separate incident, a computer was stolen from the Dillard College of Business.

The suspect in the computer theft admitted to taking the computer and called his friend, 24-year-old Donnie Armstrong, to bring it to the police station.

Armstrong brought the computer and an officer noticed he matched the description of the suspect accused of stealing and using the stolen credit cards the day before.

Armstrong is facing charges of Credit Card Abuse.