Graham to Soon Welcome in Drug Dog

The war on drugs is getting tougher to fight, but the Graham Police Department isn't giving up.  In fact they're welcoming in another member to the force, a dog.

In a few weeks the K9 animal will make it's way to the city, ready to fight crime.  There is a real need for the drug dog.  Young County has a K9 and residents felt it was time the city had one too so they raised the money.

On Thursday council approved the Police Canine Program.  Now the dream of the residents and police force is finally happening.

Mike Elmore, President of the Graham Citizens Police Auxiliary, has his Christmas list ready.

"I want a drug dog in Graham, Texas for Christmas," said Elmore.

This year Santa's come a little early.  Soon his Christmas wish will become a reality when the force welcomes in the newest crime fighter, Argo.

"We started raising money, they have already raised enough to purchase the dog and they are working on funds for a vehicle to transport it with," said Widner, Graham Police Chief.

With support from local residents, the Police Auxiliary raised more than $25,000 to purchase the K9 beauty, who can not only sniff out narcotics, but track the odor of a missing person.

"Finding somebody is a time sensitive issue and the dog can make a difference in saving somebody's life in a situation like that," said Widner.

"I'm ready to get started," said Roberto San Miguel.

He will be paired up with the canine and says it's an honor to team up with the 4-legged drug dog.

"If can knock down some of the drugs on our street then we'll be a good start," said San Miguel.

"One thing about drug addiction is that it doesn't have any lines.  It crosses all lines," said Elmore.

The city has a problem in drugs ranging from prescription pills to marijuana but soon enough with the help of a dog those drugs will be off the streets for good.

Anyone wishing to donate to the program can drop of their donation to the Police Department or the Citizens Police Auxiliary.  They still need another $25,000 to fund the vehicle for the K9.

Elmore says anyone, even those who don't live in Graham, can help out.

It will be a few weeks before the dog comes in.  Once it does the animal along with the officer will have a month of training before the two settle down together.