School Board Shootout In Florida

A gunman is dead after opening fire on his local school board.

It happened Tuesday afternoon during a meeting in Panama City, Florida and it was all caught on tape.

Police say he didn't hit anyone.

But kept shooting, exchanging fire with the district's security chief before turning the gun on himself.

After the incident, the superintendent described what happened.

"The good Lord was standing in front of me because there's two bullet holes back behind where I sat and that's the only reason they didn't hit me and I'm just being very honest with you,"  William Husfelt said.

A television reporter inside the room covering the meeting ran to safety but kept her camera rolling.

State records show the gunman served four years in prison from 2000 to 2004 for aggravated stalking and other charges.

He told the board his wife was fired from the district but didn't say what job she held.

District officials are calling the security chief, who isn't seen in the video, a hero for stopping the shooting.