City View Paddling Raising Questions About Discipline

The paddling of two City View High School students is raising questions about the practice of corporal punishment in schools. The mother of one of the students is furious over the reason her daughter was spanked and is concerned over who doled out the punishment.

Charlotte Beaver said her 17-year-old daughter was spanked by City View Asst. Principal Daryl Frazier for using the bathroom after lunch. School officials disagreed.

City View principal Raymond Weathersbee said the school started a new policy around three or four weeks ago. Because of tardiness issues, students are no longer allowed to use the bathroom after lunch period is over. Weathersbee said they have 30 minutes to take care of everything they need to.

But, Beaver said her daughter was sick last Thursday and needed to use the bathroom. This is where school officials and Beaver begin to disagree.

According to Beaver, her daughter and another female student went to use the bathroom before the period was over. The bell rang while they were waiting in line. Beaver said her daughter used the restroom but made it to class on time and was punished simply for violating the new policy.

Weathersbee said a teacher told him she approached the girls before they went into the restroom and told them to go directly to class. The teacher said the girls disobeyed and used the bathroom anyway. That, said Weathersbee, is why the girls were punished.

Beaver said she was outraged when her daughter told her about the incident. "This wasn't warranted," she said. "I'm not gonna sit by and say it was. If your child needs to go to the bathroom, she needs to go."

Beaver also said she has an issue with an adult male administrator spanking a teenage girl. "I don't mind the corporal punishment if she's acting a fool," she said. "But, I don't think the men ought to be whipping the girls."

Weathersbee said he doesn't have a problem with the policy or the practice of male administrators punishing female students. And, he said, any policy changes would have to come from the superintendent.

City View Superintendent Steve Harris said he stands behind the policy and he sees no reason to change it.

Beaver said she won't take her kids out of City View over the incident. But, she would like to see a policy change and feels her daughter is owed an apology.

Tim Barnosky, Newschannel 6.