Sixteen Cats Dumped, Looking for New Home

Sixteen cats are calling the Humane Society Of Wichita Falls home, after being found abandoned early Wednesday evening.  The Humane Society is asking for your help to find the cats a new home.

This is just another case of animal abandonment the Humane Society has seen this week.  They say this week alone 28 puppies have been brought in, either found abandoned or because people came to them telling them they can no longer care for the animals.

They say they only have enough room for so long before the animals are euthanized.

Cheryl Miller got the call last night, a call from Animal Control.

"Someone had abandoned 16 cats.  They had left them in their kennels with the doors open and two bags of food," said Miller, Manager of the Humane Society.

They were found off Bacon Switch Road, unharmed and in good condition, but it was obvious, they were dumped.

"These cats and kittens they don't deserve to be dumped out and eaten by coyotes, that's
probably the worst thing you could do is just dump your animal," said Miller.

It's illegal to do, in fact she says once you have an animal in your possession for 72 hours it's legally yours.

"You're responsible for taking care of that animal, for getting it vaccinated, for getting it city tagged."

Now they're left without a home, only to wander around inside the kennels.  There are 16 cats total, some young others older, one even pregnant, but all with high spirits.

"They are in really good condition, they are healthy, very friendly, they are not feral, whatsoever, they all came up to us.  You can go in any kennel and pick any of them up."

Their cries can barely be heard, but they exist and with the help of some open hearts the cats can have a new home this Christmas.

Anyone wishing to adopt the cats can stop by the Humane Society Of Wichita Falls or call them at 855-4941.

They do believe they know who abandoned the cats.  They are looking to press charges against the individual.