Windthorst Ready for Title Game

Reported by Charlie Bartlett

All the Windthorst Trojans want for Christmas is a State Championship.

"It would mean a lot to get a win for this town," said senior receiver Riley Schreiber. "They've been supporting us all year."
"knowing that we could go out on a big win," would mean a lot to senior lineman Taylor Lindley. "and knowing that we would be remembered as a state championship team."

"I asked one of the coaches, can you believe we're playing for another one?" said Head Coach Bill Green. "It's just real unbelievable. I guess to win on in each decade I've been here, this is my third decade, you know, I think that would be pretty cool."

This is the Trojans' fifth title game appearance in school history. No one predicted they'd make it this far, but they didn't listen; they just played.

"I think we kind of knew at the beginning of the year that we had a good team," said Lindley. "And as long as we stuck together, stayed focused, that we could get this far."

"We knew it could happen the whole year," agreed Schreiber. "Last year and spring, we've been trying and practicing really hard."

"We're going to dance with the one that brought us," said Head Coach Bill Green. "That means we're going to do what we do because someway or another we got here but I can speak for the kids and the coaches, we're very excited."

However, they did listen to one man: Coach Green. He's a motivator, a mentor, and the rock of this program.

When asked how Coach Green motivates the team, Lindley said, "You know he stayed with us through it all, thick and thin after last year. We had a let down season and he came back, we worked hard in the spring and he motivated us, he said we had a good chance to win state."

"He knows how it feels to win a state championship," said Schreiber. "He's been telling us about it and he's wanting us to get here all year."

The Trojans are honored to be here. They've shown true dedication, sacrifice, and belief.

They know they can be state champs for a third time.