Questions About School Board Security

Newschannel 6 is asking tough questions of the Wichita Falls Independent School Board President about the way the Board handles security. Our questions come days after a disgruntled man walked into a board meeting in Panama City, FL and opened-fire. "I've been expecting it; I've been expecting it for some time. I was not the least bit shocked because I've been expecting it; we're not immune to it," said WFISD Board President Reverend Reginald Blow.

Blow says the reason for his lack of surprise is evident. "We are ever-mindful that we deal with 2 of the most volatile things that concern the community their children and their taxes," said Blow.

Blow says the District has been proactive with security measures. The Board has a District Police Chief, Karen Olson, on-hand as well as other local Law Enforcement Officers for each meeting. When they anticipate discussing a hot button issue, they bring in other, plain-clothes officers.

Blow says he feels safe behind the desk at Board meetings. "I feel as safe as anyone else in Wichita Falls," he said. Still, along with many other districts he says in the wake of the shooting in Florida, the WFISD will re-evaluate security protocol. "After you've done the best you can - go on. We have been fortunate and there is no system that can't be improved and so we are constantly looking to improve, not only test scores and bus systems, but we will be looking to improve our safety with the School Board as well," said the Reverend.

 Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6