'Denim & Diamonds' Final Push Towards Opening

Denim and Diamonds is a country western nightclub that is bringing new jobs and potentially more business to Wichita Falls.

Employees are working throughout Thursday night to get all the kinks worked out before Denim and Diamond's grand opening on Friday. "It's just touching up here and there, just touching up some paint, fine tuning everything," says General Manager, Joel Lee. Crews are testing the lights, playing music, and hanging last minute decorations before the public is allowed inside.

According to Lee, all the hard work will be worth it.

"It's a country western nightclub, dancing, lots of fun. Just good 'ole boy kind of music," he says.

Although the style is traditional, the layout and technology of Denim and Diamonds is state of the art.

"Two really big bars, a really big dance floor. Kinda go for the whole honkey tonk look, a lot more neons, the best lighting and sound system around," exclaims Lee.

And Lee says, the best employees. Thursday night all workers will go through orientation and in Lee's words, graduate. He says they are just one step away from making money and bringing money to the Falls.

"I'm super excited about working here, its a great atmosphere," says bartender Maranda Urban.

The club not only will provide entertainment but will also provide a paycheck for Urban and nearly 50 others.

"I'm very excited and ready to get started," says former homemaker and new bartender Robin Hopkins.

Especially since Thursday's final preps will set the stage for Friday's grand opening. "It's going to be a crazy night, it should be a lot of fun though," Lee says with a smile.

The red carpet is already rolled out in anticipation of the opening and employees are careful not to get too much dirt on it before the doors open Friday at 6 PM.

Denim and Diamonds will be open 6 days a week, everyone 18 years old and older will be allowed in.

Mary Moloney, Newschannel 6