Scammers Posing As Medicare Officials

Senior citizens, be on alert, a scam targeting Medicare users has made it's way to Texoma.  A woman alerted News Channel 6 about the incident -- in hopes of sparing other senior citizens from falling victim.

There are several medicare scams going around and all of them involve a phone call from someone asking for your bank information.  One woman fell short of the scam, but remains on high alert after the incident.

She got the call mid-afternoon on Monday.  The caller knew her name and address, but wanted much more.  Betty Wagner almost became a victim of fraud.

"They said the government is sending out new Medicare cards.  She then said the next thing we'll need is if you get out your check book, and look at the bottom left hand side and give me some numbers," said Wagner.

She hung up, startled about the call, then realized it was a scam artist and immediately began making phone calls, alerting people including the Better Business Bureau.

"Medicare will not call on the phone and ask you for anything like that," said Monica Horton with the BBB.

The call is likely coming from outside the United States, in Betty Wagner's case the culprit had a foreign accent.

"There is a way to make the caller ID show up to be another number, usually these calls are
coming in from outside the United States," said Horton.

The chances of finding the person making the calls, slim to none.  There is nothing you can do to prevent the calls, but you can educate yourself and other people.

"The bottom line is if anybody calls and they are asking for sensitive information do not give it out under any circumstances," Horton said.

"The older group is very honest and trusting and they need to be especially warned," said Wagner.

Another Medicare scam is someone calling claiming there is free funding for equipment whether it be a wheelchair or a back brace, but the premise is the same, they want your personal information.