Harvard Student Apologizes For Deception

A former Harvard student accused of conning his way into the prestigious school apologized for his actions in court.

Adam Wheeler entered a plea of 'not guilty' for fabricating his educational accomplishments.  Officials say he fooled everyone, claiming he attended a prestigious prep school and MIT to get into Harvard.

He faked letters of recommendation and forged signatures.  It was a resume of distinction that unraveled when he went after Rhodes and Fulbright scholarships with claims he wrote books and gave lectures.  In court he confessed it was a snowball of lies.

"I'm sorry for the intended financial loss I caused the university, and for causing emotional embarrassment and upheaval for the people who knew and worked with me, and believed in my ability to succeed," Wheeler said.

The judge ordered the 24-year-old from Delaware to pay back the nearly $46,000 in financial aid, scholarships and awards he received along the way.  Wheeler now works at a non-profit organization as a research assistant.  He told the judge he still thinks he can make a difference in this world.