Schools, 'Radiothon' Help Raise Money For Hospice

The fundraising efforts have been going full throttle today during the hospice of Wichita falls radiothon.  All throughout the day, town square media radio stations have been hosting the hospice radio-thon, encouraging people to make last-minute donations to help light the star on the tree.
     Several Texoma schools came in to announce their donation amounts.

"it felt really good.  I was actually really happy to help," said Kirby World Academy student Jeanna Ayres.

One of the most impressive donations came from Kirby.  Their chapter of NJHS brought in over $6400.  Sponsor Verna Honeycutt says that's Kirby's biggest donation yet.

"We've gone up every single year, and they just blew me away this year with the work they put into everything.  When we totaled it today, I was just amazed," he said.

She lost her own mother and grandmother, and says she wouldn't have been able to make it through without Hospice.  She conveyed that to her students when they started collecting money.

"They just felt rally well about helping an organization that is established for nothing but helping people," she said.

"We're helping a ton of people.  It's like $1,000 plus a little extra more than last year," Ayres said.

Students raised the money by selling raffle tickets to their soup and sing event, and by having a raffle.  One quilt that their librarian made sold for $100.

"They took this by the reins.  They came up with ideas, they worked and we put a lot of hours into it.  They came early, they stayed late," Honeycutt said.

Other WFISD schools have also been donating throughout the day.

"Give from your heart.  Just give from your heart.  You really don't know how special Hospice is until you have to have it, until you have to use it," she said.

Houston, Jefferson, and Fowler Elementaries also contributed today, along with some schools in Burk ISD and Archer City.  In all, the schools brought in more than $9,500.

Spencer Blake, Newschannel 6