Faith Carries Victim's Family, Questions Remain

Newschannel 6 is asking tough questions about a Pitbull attack that left a Texoma man in a Dallas ICU. 48 year old Melvin Lewis was bitten so severely by 2 dogs Tuesday night he was airlifted to Parkland Hospital. His family says he is currently listed in guarded condition.

With just days left until Christmas his father, Roosevelt Gildon, rushed to his side. "When I got to the hospital and saw the condition he was in I was just at peace because I knew God was in charge," he said. He says faith, friends and prayer are carrying his family through. "The blessing of having faith in God is that He's going to take care of everything if its right or if its wrong," he said.

Police reports show that several witnesses to the attack rushed to help Melvin. Something Roosevelt is thankful for. "That makes me feel good, because I know God was showing them what to do and how to do," he said.

Animal Control says one of the animals is in quarantine and they are actively searching for the other one. Still, Roosevelt Gildon has many questions. "I'm very concerned about them getting that dog, I think the owner knows where it is and I think they should talk to the owner about it and have him come up with that dog…I couldn't say what I would say to the dog owner because I haven't talked to the dog owner, I haven't seen the dog owner and I don't know what I might say to him, but one thing I would have told him is that if he knew he had dogs like that, he should have and them on a chain," said Gildon.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6