Possible Changes Coming To Cab Companies Operating In The Falls

The Wichita Falls City Council could approve a new ordinance that will re-shape the way cab franchises are regulated. It all came about in August of this year after one cab company was closed down. They claimed they didn't know their franchise agreement with the city had run out.

Once a new franchise was established and approved, City Council asked for a review and revision of the existing ordinance. Newschannel 6 at that time dug into the story and found several cabs that had been operating outside of the current code. The new ordinance would make five major changes:

- It would remove the limit on the number of cabs for one company and implement a sliding scale for annual fees paid to the city.

-It would also strengthen inspection requirements and give city inspectors the right for random checks on both cars and records.

-Another big change would give the city the right to enforce a civil penalty for taxi ordinance violations.

-It would also strengthen the requirements that a franchise holder maintain a primary facility during weekday hours.

-Clarify that franchise operators are completely under the authority of the franchisee.

Council members will also be presented with another ordinance that would cover limo services along with vans a buses. However, the city staff is not recommending it be passed. They feel it is different from the taxi service and does not need added regulation. City council meets on Tuesday at 8:30 a.m. in Council Chambers at Memorial Auditorium.