Citizens Working to Make Scotland Park More Useful

A local park could soon see an upgrade.  Just recently a tennis court at Scotland Park has been used as a soccer field, despite it's old condition.  Now the city is looking to improve the grounds to accommodate the needs of local soccer players.

Already some changes have been made, lights that have been off at the courts for years are now back on just for the young men who come to play at the park.  It's all thanks to one man who noticed young men staying out of trouble and in good health by using the facility.

He saw them during his daily drive home from work.

"I noticed there was some people playing here (Scotland Park) in the dark," said Johnny Villastrigo.

It was a group of young men using a 30-year-old tennis court to play soccer, in the dark.

"I started saying hey wait a minute, why can't these people have lights?  They have light poles
 up here but they are not turned on," said Villastrigo.

He took it upon himself to talk the men and the city and within two weeks the lights once off, were now on.
"He's just been a wonderful gentleman and a very big helper to us so far," said soccer play Derek Hatcher.

Hatcher and a group of soccer lovers have been using the court as an indoor/outdoor soccer field.

"It's got a really nice confinement.  It makes for a really safe atmosphere," said Hatcher.

Thought it's missing other necessities, like benches, nearby trash cans, and even a permanent goal.
"They've talked about installing a chain goal into the actual fence that we won't have to worry about it being taken out," Hatcher said.

"To the extend that the city has budget and resources we'll go down that road a bit to see how much interest there is the activity and how much development might be required at the site," said Parks and Recreation Director, Jack Murphy.
The courts haven't been used for years, but now it's sparking interest in the community and Johnny says there's nothing better than attracting people to our parks.

"Scotland Park is a beautiful park and it's nice that more people come over here just to hang
 out in the park the way it should be."

They are looking at creating a soccer league.  The only problem is there isn't enough parking around the courts for that, it's something else the city is looking into.

If the all upgrades happen, it won't happen right away.  Some of the items need to be approved by the city.

Crystal Hall News Channel 6.