TX Gains Big in 2010 Census

Texas is making big waves in Washington. The 2010 Census data is out today, and the Lone Star State is growing. Texas gained more than 4,000,000 people. That will add 4 more Congressional Seats to the state's Delegation.

Congressman Mac Thornberry is excited about the numbers. "Adding 4 new U.S. House seats will help give Texas even more say in shaping the direction of our country - and it needs that Texas influence these days," he said.

Sharing the enthusiasm is Morgan Williams. She wasn't even a mother in 2000, but now her kids Tyler and Brooklyn are counted among Texas' 25 million.

"I guess it feels pretty good, we plan to add a few more," she said. She has high hopes for the future. "That my kids grow up to be something really great, to help the World and help people come to know Christ," she said.

5 year old Tyler is just in Kindergarten now, he says he wants to grow up to be a Police Officer. Whether he knows it or not, we shares his mothers vision. "I just hope that they keep their morals and I really just hope that are good people, caring people and compassionate," she said.

By the 2020 head count, little Tyler will be in high school, 3-year-old Brooklyn will be a teenager and Morgan hopes they have several other kiddos to add to the numbers.

"I think that Texas is the biggest and the best for a reason if you're born and raised here, and come from here you cant go wrong with Texas," said Williams.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6