Skunk Ruined Gifts Replaced Just In Time For Christmas

An organization is back on track to deliver thousands of dollars in toys to underprivileged children.

In an Oklahoma City suburb, Operation Christmas hit a huge bump in the road when a skunk ruined all the gifts with its spray last week.

One of the volunteers says nearly $16,000 worth of toys and clothing meant for needy children was ruined from the stench.

All of the toys had to be destroyed by the city but, because of publicity, donations began pouring in.

"We had people coming in with sack, after sack, after sack of toys. I mean, some had two in it, some had 5 or 6 sacks. We were so excited, we couldn't hardly stand ourselves," Peggy Christian said.

That Operation Christmas will hand out toys and food on Friday.

The non-profit said the story of the skunk and the toys has touched hearts all over.

Money and gifts came from as far away as Canada and England.