Governor Perry Issues Disaster Proclamation

Due to the threat of extreme wildfires, Governor Rick Perry has issued a disaster proclamation across Texas. If you can see this newscast--your county is one of 244 included in the declaration. Perry says lack of precipitation is to blame, drying grass and other vegetation across Texas. Justin Hansard from Montague County agrees with the governor, saying there's not much that can be done about the dying grass land.

"Right now the big concern is the dry weather we're having right now with the heat. That combination just doesn't make it any good for any winter pasture this time of year and if you're in the cattle business trying to make that work for the winter time is not working for us. Winter wheat and winter forages are looking pretty bad. We had some moisture, kind of early, in late September. We even planted at that time period and had some good stands at that point, but once we started grazing them off in Oct. and Nov., there's just no re growth there."

Governor Perry warns significant fire danger is expected to continue. He also says all necessary measures, both public and private, are authorized to be implemented to meet the wildfires threat.