Wichita Falls Police Investigating 2 Robberies

Wichita Falls police are investigating two robberies. Police said around 11:15 last night a masked man robbed the Holiday Inn at the Falls. Officers said the criminal walked up to the counter and threatened to shoot the clerk if she didn't give him any money. Police said it's not known if he had a gun, but he did get away with a $160.

In a separate incident, a woman was attacked and robbed in broad daylight. Officers said the woman was near Books-A-Million at Sikes Senter Mall around 12:15. They said two men came up, grabbed her from behind and dragged her toward a mall door. Police said the criminals took off with her bag and cell phone.

If you know anything about these robberies, call Crime Stoppers. The number is 3-2-2-98-88.