A Christmas To Remember

It's been gone for 20-years, and now it's right where it seemingly belongs.
Lynnette Slaton is still grieving the passing of her husband, but tonight ,she just knows he is with her, and it's all because of his friends and a band of gold. Heather Mills has the story.

Buried under four inches of dirt a priceless treasure found more than 20 years after it was lost.

Lynnette says, "Every year for Christmas he always gives me jewelry and this year he gave me this."

Three months ago Lynnette Slaton's husband, D.P.S. Trooper Corporal David Slaton was killed in a head-on collision.  Lunette said, "It's like it happened yesterday. It just doesn't go away."

David lost his wedding ring during a softball game shortly after they were married.

"I just can't believe he cared enough to tell somebody to look for it, because I thought, he never really wanted to wear a wedding ring. He would always take it, and flip it. I told him, you know, one day you're doing to lose that, and sure enough, he did," said Lunette.

Lynnette says the whole team looked for it, including David's friend who owned a metal detector. They couldn't find it.

Three months after her husband passed away, a Christmas surprise.

Lunette recalled for us,"On my birthday my mother-in-law gave me a jewelry box. My son came from college and I was showing him what she had given me. I told him, 'I wish I had your dad's wedding ring for you, but it's something I won't be able to pass down.' Two days later, a friend of mine called and said I have something to show you. So he comes to the house and holds up the ring and I immediately knew what it was."

Lynnette says she's not sure what prompted David's friend to go look for the ring so many years after it was lost. But, she's sure on that day, and on that softball field, there was an angel in the outfield.

Lynnette says she will pass the ring on to her son someday, but just like his father, when she asked Bo if he wanted it now, he said he might lose it.
So for now, Lynnette says she'll continue to wear it around her neck as a reminder David is watching over her.