After Christmas Sales A Big Day For Retailers

Texomans hit the stores Sunday in droves, spending those gift cards and returning items that maybe didn't quite fit. If you had trouble finding a parking spot, you weren't alone. Retailers say the day-after Christmas is one of the biggest shopping days in the year, and though many of us think of it as a day of returns, News Channel 6 hit the stores and found out that it's actually busy with shoppers picking up items Santa forgot.

Kerry Beaver, the Target store Manager says, "A lot of people are out just shopping. Some people say they wait until after Christmas to do their shopping. So, it's a much bigger day for sales than it has been for returns."  Beaver says the amount of sales actually makes up for all those returns. In fact, strong sales in the coming week would build on the highest-spending holiday season since 2007, which was a record year.