New Year's Fireworks Worries

It may seem like just yesterday was Christmas, but right now we are only 5 days away from 2011. With the New Year, comes a celebration. This New Year's Eve, Texoma is facing a serious fire danger.

If your party plans involve fireworks, you may be breaking the law and putting those around you in danger. "Fire dangers are very high, still. We had a little bit of rain the other night but with this wind, its all pretty much gone," said Lake Arrowhead VFD Chief Mike Hall.

The lack of heavy rain, plenty of dry grass and the cold, strong wind have fire crews in Clay County on edge as we wind down 2010. "A week ago the County Commissioners decided to implement a burn ban to see what will happen there," said Hall.

Included in that ban are New Year's fireworks. "Fireworks are illegal anyway but with this dry ground, it makes it extremely hazardous," said Hall. He says the best advice he has in the current climate is quite simple. "Please be careful, very careful," he said.

It is illegal to shoot off fireworks in any of the counties under a burn ban. Right now those include Clay, Montague and Archer Counties. In Wichita Falls city limits one can face up to a $2000 fire for even having fireworks. It is legal to shoot off fireworks in Wichita County. Outside of Wichita Falls as long as you are on private property and have permission to be there.

County Judge Woody Gossom says it's a good idea to have something with you with which to extinguish any fires, and to be careful and use common sense.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6