Winter Weather Concerns Texoma Travelers

Americans all over the nation are stuck under mountains of snow, struggling to fight their way out of one of the biggest December blizzards in recent history.

The snow may be piling up in the northeast--but many delays are trickling down to flights in and out of Texoma.

Multiple airlines are scrambling to get everyone on flights but the unpredictable weather is making some travel plans impossible.

Those flying in and out of the Falls can expect to see travel on schedule, however some passengers are worried about getting to their final destination.

Tammy Waguespack is flying to New Orleans and she is concerned about the potential for delays. "I am a little bit. It snowed plenty here last year so I know what to expect this year."

Mike Dilbeck, a professional speaker traveling to Chicago, isn't as concerned. "I'm not necessary worried, I'll deal with it if it happens," he says.

Others have a little bit more of a time restraint. Thomas Franks and his wife are flying to North Carolina, so he can report to Fort Bragg. "I've got to get back to duty today, actually, so it's going to be a little bit of a problem if I don't get back. But not too much I guess, if we can't help it," he says smiling.

Those leaving out of the Wichita Falls Municipal Airport worried about delays can experience a sigh of relief Monday.

"We haven't experienced any delays, the heavy holiday travel has been fantastic for the airport," says Sarah Johnson, the Airport Administrator for the Wichita Falls Municipal Airport. "The weather up east has not impacted our airport. We're doing fantastically. All airports and aircrafts have been on time."

For Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, delays and some cancellations have affected travel. For Dilbeck, a seasoned passenger, the delay is just a blip on his radar.

"I've slept in an airport, I've done everything. So if it happens, it happens," he says, "I know I'll get home. I have to because I'm going to the Rose Bowl on Thursday. Go TCU!"

If there are severe problems at DFW, the Wichita Falls Municipal Airport will work with the airlines to ensure passengers make their connections. A delay wouldn't be a burden to everyone though, just ask Carol Franks and her husband who are off to Ft. Bragg. "If we are delayed, then he gets the day off!"

Airport officials say passengers should plan for the worst when they travel, especially with the unpredictable winter weather. Airlines suggest all travelers continuously check flight status and sign up for text or e-mail alerts.

Mary Moloney, Newschannel 6