8th & Scott Next For Renovation; Business Optimistic

Starting this week another downtown intersection will be closed off.  It's all part of the city's downtown beautification project.  Eighth and Indiana is currently under construction and on Wednesday 8th and Scott will be added to the list.  News Channel 6 spoke with the general manager from the Crescent Plaza Hotel who says he's not too concerned about the construction.

Before the start of the new year comes a few downtown businesses will have to get used to cranes and bulldozers.

"For the most part people who come know where we are and can access us from different routes so I'm not too worried about that," said General Manager of Crescent Plaza Hotel, Ryan Jimenez.

He sees the project as a way to unleash the beauty the area offers.

"We have this unleased restaurant here next to us, we could get more people down here.  I think it would be beneficial," said Jimenez.

On Wednesday the intersection will no longer be open, instead construction workers will begin the task of renovating it, adding a star emblem and landscaped islands.

"That combined with what we're trying to do can help downtown in the long run," he said.

That is exactly what the project is aimed at doing, bringing people and businesses to an area that doesn't see much of either.

"I think with the city becoming beautiful it will make everything better," said Jimenez.

Even with his optimistic outlook, there's still a certain realm of uncertainty that pops up in his mind every once in a while.

"I don't putting a star in the middle of the road will make more people drive
over it.  I don't know."

The entire project includes three intersections.  The beautification project at 8th and Indiana is about two to three weeks from completion.  The next one up is 8th and Lamar.

Beginning Tuesday the intersection of 8th and Scott will be closed off.  Crews will prepare it for demolition on Wednesday.