Texoma Holiday Shopping Boosts Sales

Right now the economy is on a comeback. According to the National Retail Federation, sales for holiday shopping are stronger than they have been in several years. The numbers are so strong, it could make 2010 the best year on record.

Newschannel 6 talked with several retail shops today, they all said sales are on a up-tick this holiday season. One of the stores we visited has been able to expand since last year.

"We normally have just a kiosk we had one of the bigger ones in the mall but we have such a variety of stuff and we have such a large amount of clothes that people couldn't try it on so being in a store with a dressing room really helped our sales this year," says Megan Wright Owner of Chunky Charms, a clothing and accessory store in Sikes Senter Mall.

She says she never saw a big hit when the economy was at its worst, but this holiday season, sales have been on an up-tick. This year's numbers paint a bright future for the store and owner alike. "I'm about to graduate from college and this is what I want to do so it was a big trial run for me. It made me very happy, this is what I wanted to see this year," said Wright.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6