Grand Jury Drops Aggravated Robbery Charge on Two Texomans

A grand jury found there was not enough evidence to move forward in an aggravated robbery charge on a Texoma man and woman.

Police say on December 28th at the 7-11 on Seymour Highway a man came in with a ski mask and a hand gun demanding money the clerk gave all the money in the register. The man then fled on foot.

Around an hour later police say the same man went to the Howard Johnson on Broad Street pulled a gun an demanded money but, employees didn't have access to the safe.
Officers say the man took off in a white Mazda four door.

Police pulled over a vehicle matching the description and found 36-year-old Victor Moreno Perez. Officers say he matched the description for both robberies.

They also arrested 21-year-old Chasity Leorene Williams who was in the car. Both Williams and Perez have now been no billed in the case. 

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6