New Year's Day is Worst for Vehicle Thefts

Everyone loves New Year's Day, including thieves.  In fact, it remains the worst day of the year for auto thefts.  Last year there were more than 2,700 vehicle thefts.

Among other holidays, Halloween ranks right below with about 2,300.  Sgt. Snyder with the Wichita Fall Police has some reasoning on why it's the highest day for thefts and has some tips to prevent it.

It's a crime of opportunity.

"If you're not watching it, an opportunist will come by and jump in it," said Sgt. Joe Snyder with the Wichita Falls Police.

Vehicle thefts are year round, but you can bet to find more of them happen on New Year's Day.

"If you think you're going to party to a new level where you won't be able to come back, maybe your car shouldn't go with you in the first place," said Snyder.

He said last New Year's Day the city saw two vehicle thefts, but usually we'll starting seeing it pick up before the holidays.

"There are more thefts and vehicle burglaries based on people leaving expensive items unsecured in their vehicle."

Besides locking your doors, taking out electronics, and keeping the keys with you, another way to scare off the thieves is with a car alarm.

"If you're going to break glass on a vehicle and set the alarm off people begin to look at them and they're probably not going to drive off in a vehicle, they're probably going to flee," said Snyder.

There's no set explanation on why it ranks as the day with the highest number of auto thefts,
but remember while you're celebrating a new year, it's just another day at the shop for the crooks.

The good news is that vehicle thefts have been declining for the past six years.

To find out how other holidays rank check out the article on USA Today, click here.